A graduate of the Randolph College of the Performing Arts in Toronto, I am a multi-disciplinary performer and creator. I have performed on stage in musicals and plays, danced for cruise ships, contemporary companies, and multiple music videos (as well as choreographing a few), as well as acting in numerous feature and short films. I like to create my own projects and collaborate with other creative folk. Many of these projects have screened at festivals around the globe, including 2018’s REMAIN, which I choreographed, performed, and produced, which screened at the Edmonton International Film Festival, Sibenik Dance Festival, and Cinema Darlings in LA.

Recently I wrapped up producing the short documentary, THE POPPY AND THE SUNFLOWER, for Tribeca Studios and 23&me. My latest project ATTACHMENT, a narrative short, marks my directorial debut.

This is the moon

This is the moon



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